Health Promotion

The doctors and nurses can give advice on all aspects of health promotion. The following clinics/appointments are available:-


This clinic is run by our in-house dietician and covers weight loss, healthy eating, coeliac and gluten-free diets, patients with diabetes and heart disease, high cholesterol and children's health.

Exercise Referral

Patients are referred to Epping or Ongar sports centre where an instructor will organise a course of exercise to benefit your health. The scheme is aimed at patients with heart conditions, diabetes (type 1 and 2), high blood pressure, depression/anxiety, obesity and asthma.

NHS Health Check

We offer Health Checks to Adults aged 40 to 74 without a pre-existing health condition such as; heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, etc..

The aim of this health check is to identity ways to lower your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

For more information regarding the NHS Health Check, you can visit the NHS website.

NHS Health Check Over 75s

We offer Health Checks to Adults aged over 75. During this appointment the following areas will be reviewed; general health, memory and mood, alcohol intake, smoking, daily life, medication and planning ahead.

Smoking Cessation

This is run by qualified smoking cessation counsellors and they are there to offer encouragement, support and advice to you regarding medication that is available to help you stop smoking.

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